METT-TC What is it?


Troop Leading Procedures

These continue until your mission ends, when you receive a fragmentary order, or a new warning order or operation order. Once you receive a new mission, the TLP start again.

  1. Receive the mission

  2. Issue a warning order (WARNO)

  3. Make a tentative plan

  4. Start necessary movement

  5. Reconnoiter

  6. Complete the plan

  7. Issue the completed plan

  8. Supervise

Steps 1 and 2 are completed in order, but steps 3-7 are not required to follow that sequence. Step 8 should be done throughout the whole process. Many of the steps can be completed at the same time. While in combat, you may not have enough time to go into much detail with each step, but the procedure must still be used to make sure nothing was left out. Your plan may adjust as new information is gained.