METT-TC What is it?


The platoon leader’s analysis of troops available for an operation includes an assessment of the platoon’s vehicles and equipment. Considerations in the analysis include the following:

  • What is the present condition of the platoon’s soldiers, vehicles, and equipment?
  • What is the supply status of ammunition, fuel, and other necessary items?
  • What is the state of training of the platoon?
  • What is the state of morale?
  • How much sleep have the men had?
  • How much sleep can they get before and during the operation?
  • Does the platoon need any additional equipment to support or accomplish its mission?
  • What attachments does the platoon have (or require) to accomplish its mission?
  • How many OPs (mounted/dismounted) can be manned with the available assets?
  • How big a frontage can be covered with the available assets?