METT-TC What is it?

Time Available

The platoon leader’s analysis of the time available for an operation begins with the “one-third/two-thirds” rule of planning and preparation discussed earlier in this section. This principle allows the platoon leader to use one-third of planning and preparation time himself, then to allocate the remaining two-third to subordinates. Additional considerations in the analysis should include the following:

  • How much time is available to plan and conduct reconnaissance?
  • How much time is available for rearming, refueling, and resupply?
  • How long will it take the platoon to move to planned OPs, to the line of departure (LD), and/or to the objective?
  • Is there enough time for rehearsals?
  • How much time is available to the enemy for the activities listed in the previous items?
  • How does the potential enemy timeline for planning and preparation compare with that developed for friendly forces?