METT-TC What is it?


After receiving an essential task and purpose, either in a warning order or the OPORD, the platoon leader can then begin the analysis of his own mission. He may use a refined product to better visualize the interrelationships of the terrain, the enemy, and friendly forces. These may include a MCOO and/or the situational template (SITEMP), if available. The platoon leader’s goal in this analysis is to clarify what the scout platoon is to accomplish and why the platoon must accomplish it. Key considerations in the analysis include the following:

  • What is my task and purpose for this operation?
  • What is the commander’s intent?
  • What are the specified tasks for the operation (those that the commander stated must be accomplished)? (NOTE: In the OPORD, these tasks are outlined in paragraph 3, which comprises the commander’s intent, concept of the operation, tasks to subordinate units, and coordinating instructions.)
  • What are the implied tasks for the operation? These are other tasks, not specifically noted by the commander, that must be accomplished during the operation.
  • What are the essential tasks for the operation? These are all tasks, both specified and implied, that are absolutely required to ensure mission success.